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building a better world, one step at a time

ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance

ESG or ‘Environmental, Social and Governance’ are measurable criteria for our organisation’s sustainability. And these are equally the criteria taken into account in Arega’s decisions. This means we seek the perfect balance between the economic aspects for Arega, all stakeholders and the ESG criteria. 

The world constantly changes, yet it was only recently clear both privately and professionally that everyone and everything must contribute towards a better world. In terms of the environmentally, society and governance. Within Arega, we are very conscious of this and act accordingly.

Of course, we are not perfect and there is much to learn. So, we are always open to initiatives where we can make a positive impact both in the foreground and background. Feel free to contact us at and let us know how we can help build on these improvements. 

Company fleet electrification

Electric vehicles are increasingly contributing to a better environment. So, Arega decided to convert its current company vehicle fleet from the traditional internal combustion engine to an eco-friendly electric motor to the maximum extent possible.

Efficient supply chain

We intend to build our logistics chain as efficiently as possible. We balance maximum product availability for customers with minimum transport frequency thanks to a sustainable procurement policy.

We are also particularly proud to be a distributor of Teva® generics. Besides high-quality standards, they also contribute to reducing their ecological footprint with 94% of their production within Europe.

Ruben Vanhollebeke

Ruben Vanhollebeke, European archery champion

Part of Arega’s mission is to invest in and find solutions to increase people’s comfort and well-being because everyone counts to us. So, we are proud to sponsor athlete Ruben Vanhollebeke, an archery champion. What makes this special is that Ruben is visually impaired, almost blind. He is the European and world archery champion in the visually impaired category.

Why sponsor him? Arega wants to be more than just a medication distributor. We want to stand out with our socially engagement.

Proper care goes beyond providing the right medicines. It also provides the right guidance. When Teun Grooters, our CEO, read the article about Ruben’s world part in De Standaard newspaper, he was inspired by the perseverance of this unique athlete and his ambition to compete in the Paralympic Games. During an introductory meeting, we immediately understood that his mentality and outlook on life were completely in line with our drive and Arega’s values.

We decided to sponsor Ruben and provide him with the comfort and reassurance that he could compete in major championships in the coming years. We want to support him in his mission to put archery for the visually impaired on the map and gain recognition as a fully fledged Olympic discipline. We want to help him realise his dream of competing in the Paralympics. Because everyone counts to us.

Arega follows a series of mechanisms and processes that ensure the company is driven and managed so it can create added value while fulfilling its responsibilities to stakeholders.  

We ensure that everyone in the organisation follows appropriate and transparent decision-making processes and that the interests of all stakeholders are safeguarded and represented.  

Key concerns here are transparency, visibility, traceability and cross-departmental cooperation.  

We continuously invest in training, competences and development of our staff and an efficient company culture where responsibility and ownership are central.