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Business partnership

At Arega, we continuously strive to further expand our product portfolio to achieve growth and further strengthen our market position.

We are happy to share our know-how and expertise of local and international health care markets with our partners. Together, we build sustainable businesses, achieve mutual growth and explore new opportunities.

We continuously explore collaborative opportunities to capitalise on selected business opportunities and provide added value that improves the health of people and our companies.

Arega’s business development team comprises a group of professionals who are open to discussing different business partnership models. We take the initiative in designing new forms of collaboration that better serve mutual interests.

We are a full-service company that develops and commercialises pharmaceuticals, health care and health care-enabling products in multiple European markets. We provide full pre- and post-marketing expertise.

Currently, we offer prescription and OTC medicines, foodsupplements, medical devices and cosmetics.

Do you share our passion and believe that partnerships based on mutual engagement and exchange of expertise are the key to growth? Do you share our view that we can both grow further with complementary partnerships? Interested in discussing collaborative opportunities with us?