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Academic partnership

Arega Chair

In September 2020, we worked with Prof. Tinne Dilles to introduce the Arega Chair, ‘Quality of Life and Care for Patients with Polypharmacy’, in the Centre for Research and Innovation in Care (CRIC), NuPhaC at the University of Antwerp.

Many people must take multiple medicine every day. This is particularly true for the elderly who often take a lot of medications. But some younger people must also do so to manage their health problems. This ’polypharmacy’ often also impacts the quality of life. The University of Antwerp aims to address the problem in part with the ‘Arega Chair in Quality of Life and Care for Patients with Polypharmacy’. 


We organise the Aregacademy in collaboration with the best academic lecturers. Our platform educates health care professionals and keeps them updated on developments and innovations in current health care topics. In all these programmes, we focus strongly on unfulfilled health needs.

We are open to different academic collaborative models aimed at improving health and health care, advisory processes and educational academies.

Working in an academic research institute and want to discuss collaborative opportunities with us? Do you share our passion for providing innovative solutions for improved health and health care? Then be sure to contact us.